Auto Body & Paint

Whether your Classic MoPar was involved in a Recent Accident or you’re looking to improve your Paint Job, we can certainly get you In and Out in no time!

Dent Removal

As Car Enthusiast, we completely understand the stress of seeing small dings, dents & scratches. Our team is surely capable of popping out those dents & small dings without an issue!”

Custom Fabrications

Looking to Stand Out? We have your back! Our Metal Experts at MoPar Pro are capable of making your dreams come true without having to go too far from Long Island.

Sheet Metal Replacement

Have some rotten our Floor Pans? Maybe your Rockers are non-existent!? Stop worrying, let our Metal Experts take care of you without breaking your back account. We all know that living in places such as New York and even the Pacific North West all that annoying snow, and even worse all that salt will surely end up eating up your car!

Ground Up Restorations

Have an Old-MoPar which your Great Grandfather owned back in the days? Maybe a Project you and your Father never finished? Our Advanced team at MoPar Pro can definitely get you in and onto our lifts to begin the tedious task of completing your dream. And most importantly having your beloved MoPar on the road!

Engine Rebuilding

We’ve partnered with local well-recognized Machine Shops on Long Island to ensure quick turn-around times while also ensuring High-Quality Services.

Transmission Rebuilding

Whether you’re experiencing Poor Shifting or having an issue where you’re unable to get your transmission synched in gear.

Carburetor Rebuilding

For almost Twenty-Five Years we’ve been able to supply our MoPar lovers with High-Quality Rebuilt Carburetors that exceed OEM specs.

Distributor Rebuilding

Unlike most Restoration Shops we’ve been able to preserve the knowledge of rebuilding Distributors to ensure keeping most work to be done in-house.

Starter/Generator Rebuilding

Just like when it comes to Distributor Rebuilding, we have been able to keep the knowledge of Starter and Generator Rebuilding and Repairs. At MoPar Pro we attempt to stay as Original as Possible.