Our Story

Established in 1995, MoPar Pro who was also known as Vintage American Parts of Long Island & Vintage American Parts & Restorations of Long Island is a business that was built from the floor up in less than Thirty Years with the ability to establish a quick Clientele of MoPar Enthusiast. While most clientele was in the search of New Old Stock & Reproduction Auto Parts, the demand of Client’s who were looking for Mechanical work and even Restoration work quickly increased. The team quickly increased from only One-Sole Member to Four Full-Time Employees. Cars from all over Long Island flocked to the brand new Five-Lift Restoration shop in Farmingdale. From Local’s wanting work done on their Vintage Chrysler’s to even notable people such as John Allen, the Grandson of the notable creator of the Allen Boulevard Industrial Park which was filled with Machine Shops who supplied Republic Airport with numerous items during World War II, Korean War & even the Vietnam War.

Meet the Founder

Robert W.

Robert W.


For over Twenty-Five Years I’ve been able to keep the movement of MoPar New Old Stock Products moving between MoPar lovers. It went from being a small one-man operation within my Grandmother’s Garage to owning my own Five-Lift Operation shop on Long Island. It was never my real intention to make this my mean of living, as most others within the business, I only began collecting and later selling Auto Parts as a hobby. I quickly came to the realization that many others also had the same love as me for Vintage MoPars, 1946-1948 Plymouth P15s specifically. As I grew in the Auto-Parts business I saw that it was getting more and more difficult to receive a decent restoration for a reasonable price anywhere on the East Coast. Seeing this made me realize that if I assembled a Professional team I’d be able to get Vintage Mopar Restorations going on in no time while providing high-quality work which was nearly impossible to find.

1946-1948 Plymouth P-15 Special Deluxe

At MoPar Pro, the fascination of MoPars all began with a 1947 Plymouth P-15 Special Deluxe Business Coupe. The Lines of the Beautiful Car, the amazingly durable 3-Speed Manual Shift Three-on-the-Tree Transmission, the perfectly placed chrome, and most importantly the notorious Flathead Six Motor under the hood.

Recent Restoration Updates

Chrysler’s Legendary Flathead Six

Chrysler Corporation produced two versions of the Flathead Six. The 25 Inch Block could be found in the top two higher Chrysler & DeSoto brand cars. While the 23 Inch block was found in both Plymouth and Dodge cars. Yes, The 12-Valve Six Cylinder Aluminum Block Engine could be found in your Plymouth Business Coupe you drove everyday to the office to the Industrial Dodge Trucks which were moving Fresh Produce all around the United States.

Previous Restoration Updates

1949 Plymouth

1947 Kaiser

1937 Plymouth Truck

1961 NSU Prinz

1971 BMW 2002

1939 Plymouth Panel Truck

1954 Cadillac Fleetwood

1963 Austin-Healy “Bugeye” Sprite